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Fall 2015 Radiothon Guests

October 30, 2015

Dear WOPG Listeners,

WOPG’s 3 day fall 2015 radiothon was blessed with many guests: Bishops, Priests and lay ministries.  The event’s 25 recordings can be  played at your convenience using the links at the bottom of this post.

Radiothon is on YouTube thanks to John Woods click Here

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Bishops and Priests

The program discussions  center on the significance of growing into adulthood during the late teen to early 20’s. Goal is to examine how all of us respond to God’s invitations. Typically the experiences and decisions made then have a long lasting effect on each of our futures. Somewhat related to the sons response to their father’s request that they go work in the vineyard, Mathew 21:28.
Then weave into that discussion a couple statements from Jesus: “Peace be with you” and “Be not afraid”. What does Peace mean and why is there the potential for fear.
Then examine if a disciple should be comfortable in their journey on earth or should the disciple expect some tension, explain.
Wrap-up with how can these reflections be used to help each other and especially todays young adults.

Fr ButlerFr Doyle

Bishop Scharfenberger,    Bishop Hubbard,    Fr. Butler,    Fr. Doyle,     Fr. Longobucco,    Fr. Ligato


Fr. Young discusses Altimont Wellness Center

LAY Ministries

Beth Lynch


Beth Lynch

Carl Houghton - The Prophet


Carl Houghton’s art


James Cultrara on education

Dr Vinny


Dr Vinny on rosary


James Marra FOCUS


James Marrow on FOCUS


Wendy and Jack


Wendy & Jack on Crusillo


Kathleen Gallagher


Kathleen Gallagher on assisted suicide


Kathys on Rachels Vineyard


Kathy & Kathy on Rachel’s Vineyard


Dan O'Connor


Dan O’Conner on divine Will Missionaries of Mercy


Donna Fragnoli


Dona Fragnoli’s faith journey


Diane and Peg on Magnificate


Diane and Peg on Magnificat


Mark and Lenora St Isaac Jogues Youth Conferance


Mark and Lenora on St Isaac Jogues Youth Conferance


Bill and Jerry Life in the Spirit


Bill & Jerry on Life in the Spirit


Patty and Tom Gutch on family

Eva Louchs on Blessed Mary

Rachelle Cotugno on her life in music

John and Steve on the King’s Men

Pousts and Threlkelds on marriage