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CompassCare opens office in NY Capital Area

March 12, 2022

WOPG attended the Oct. 8, 2022 CompassCare / Alight open house for its NY Capital area building located at 951 Albany Shaker Rd. This facility is a major milestone towards the implementation of its proven plan to reduce abortion by 50% in 5 years. For more info contact Daniel Tomlinson at 585 232 3894.

Tom & Laura recorded some of the discussion at the Oct. 8, 2022 CompassCare open house. Listen here:

Volunteer Opportunities

Leverage your time and talent to serve women and save babies!

Contact volunteer@compasscare.info to take the next step in joining the CompassCare team.

Patient Receptionist [4-6 hours a week]

Facilitate a patient’s in-person appointment and assist the nursing team in providing services to women at-risk for abortion.

Care Coordinator [4-6 hours a week]

Coordinate a patient’s online medical interaction with her CompassCare nurse and the ongoing care and support she needs.

MotherCare Mentor [As needed]

Create a relational bridge between a CompassCare patient and the local church, providing hope through ongoing support and compassion.

Ultrasound Model [1 hour]

Save preborn babies by helping train CompassCare nurses in the use of ultrasound technology. NOTE: Training requires ultrasound models to be in their first trimester.

Church Liaison [1-2 hours a month]

Act as your church’s pro-life champion, forging a pro-life future by promoting CompassCare prayer requests, opportunities for involvement, and events.

Tour Host [As needed]

Deepen the pro-life passion of your friends and family by hosting a CompassCare Vision Tour.

Event Logistics Team [4 hours a month]

Help plan and execute monthly and annual CompassCare events, providing an outlet for the Church to express its pro-life passion.

Finance Team [6-10 hours a month]

Manage and process donor gifts and data in a timely and accurate fashion to multiply mission effectiveness.  

Maintenance Team [4-6 hours a month]

Build a place of impeccable order by caring, maintaining and improving the CompassCare facility.

Cleaning Team [2-3 hours a week]

Maintain a place of impeccable order where every patient feels dignified and respected by the clean and welcoming environment.