Local Programming


Local Programming



Magnificat – March 9, 2019

January 28, 2019

Albany NY Chapter of Magnificat

Saturday, March 9, 2019, 9:00 am-12:00pm (doors open at 8:30am) at Holiday Inn Express, 400 Old Loudon Rd, Latham, NY  12110

Our guest speaker is Alicia Nevins

registration by mail due March 1, 2019 $20 check to Albany NY Chapter of Magnificat, PO Box 340, Clifton park, NY  12065,  by Paypal $22 @ https://magnificatnevinsbreakfast.eventzilla.net  For more information, call Kathleen @ 518-930-8380, OR http://www.magnificat-ministry.org/ny-albany,  OR www.facebook.com/albanymagnificat



NY’s 2019 Abortion Expansion Quick Facts

December 23, 2018

Renée Morgiewicz  |  Coordinator of Parish Services & Respect Life Ministry

WOPG is broadcasting Quick Facts on New York State’s 2019 legislative agenda concerning a bill named “Reproductive Health Act”.   Renee prepared these announcements so all of us will be prepared to discuss the truth in the public sphere. Do not be afraid to speak the truth!

Listen to the announcements and read the Talking Points by clicking on the links below:

Abortion Expansion Overview

Talking Points – Codifying Roe – NY State January 2019

Abortion Expansion Quick Fact #1

Abortion Expansion Quick Fact #2

Abortion Expansion Quick Fact #3

Abortion Expansion Quick Fact #4

Abortion Expansion Quick Fact #5

Abortion Expansion Quick Fact #6



Peace in the Womb Pro-Life Christmas Caroling

December 3, 2018

Peace in the Womb Pro-Life Christmas Caroling

Saturday, December 15, 1 – 2pm

In front of Planned Parenthood, 1040 State St., Schenectady

Please join us for an hour of Christmas caroling to bring hope & joy to this place of misery & despair. Children’s lives have been saved when their mothers heard the carols and reconsidered their “choice” in light of the Christmas story.

Sponsored by Immaculate Conception – Glenville Respect for Life Ministry

More info at: https://prolifeaction.org/action/caroling/


Larry Smith



Support WOPG with spare change

November 29, 2018

Donating the spare change from your credit or debit card purchases allows us to send God’s WORD into up-state NY with Words of Peace & Goodness (WOPG).  To sign up now go to WOPG’s RoundUp site

If you want to find out more before signing up go to this youtube site:  CLICK HERE



Local Programming


Local Programming

2018 Voting issues

October 25, 2018

Guides to Catholic voters 2018

Kathy Gallagher and Tom discuss Catholic voter responsibility and guides, 30 minute audio file. Click here

New York State Catholic Conference’s Legislative Agenda
Kathleen M. Gallagher,
Director of Pro-Life Activities
and Director of Catholic Action Networkmailto:kgallagher@nyscatholic.org

United States Conference of Catholic Bishops
Forming Consciences for Faithful Citizenship

Bulletin Inserts- The Challenge of Forming Consciences for Faithful Citizenship

Part I of II: Our Call as Catholic Citizens

Part II of II: Making Moral Choices and Applying Our Principle


The reality of abortion

The New York state plan for abortion expansion, for 59 minute audio file Click here.

The videos of Dr Nathanson and Dr Lavatino can be found in links below:

          The Silent Scream [high quality] (The ultrasound of abortion)

            Abortion Procedures: 1st, 2nd, and 3rd Trimesters


Local Programming



FCC Public Information

March 1, 2018

Click for WOPG’s Public Information


About Public Inspection Files

For decades, the public file for each broadcast station has been kept at the station’s main studio in paper form (or more recently in electronic form at some stations) and made available during normal business hours. The public file for each cable system has been kept at an office in the community served by the system, while the DBS and SDARS files have been maintained at the entity’s headquarters office. Relying on the advantages of current technology, however, the Commission has now changed its rules to require almost all of this public file information for broadcast stations, cable systems, DBS providers, and SDARS licensees to be posted online at this site. As a result, members of the public will be able to find information regarding individual stations, cable systems, and DBS and SDARS entities more easily and at any time convenient to them.

Each entity’s public file currently includes both items that have to be filed with the Commission and items that are only available in the local public file retained at the station (or in its community of license), cable system, or DBS or SDARS headquarters office. After the online public file transition is complete, virtually all of these items will be gathered together and made available here. The items required to be in the public file, the rule section requiring each item to be placed in the file, and the retention period for each item, are listed below. A short, plain-language description of each item is also provided, but is included for convenience and should not be relied upon in place of the underlying rules’ description of the item. The text of the public file rule section requiring each item to be placed in the file can be displayed by clicking on it. Exceptions to the online filing requirement for any of the below-listed public file items, if applicable, are noted in the description of the relevant item.