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December 2006

   Tom responds to the Catholic Radio Association's (CRA) "Call to Action" announcing that the FCC will be accepting applications for new non-commercial educational FM radio licenses.some time in 2007.  Five days later CRA advises there is a FM frequency available in the Albany area, 

     Thinking someone else must be bringing Catholic radio to Albany, a phone call to the RCDA produced a negative response.  Tom and Laura decide to consider starting a radio station ourselves.  It only takes a few minutes to realize we need help.  

January 2007

    Mike and Pat accept invitation to join in the development of a radio station.  If you take a look at the Meet the Board page you will notice that except Mike's brief high school broadcasting experience we are all inexperienced (clueless) radio people.

    We joined the CRA and commissioned an engineering study to evaluate the opportunity for a NCE-FM station the Albany, NY area and complete the necessary engineering exhibits to demonstrate the availability to the FCC.

     A Washington DC counsel is retained to assure compliance with the FCC Reg's.

March 2007

    We introduce ourselves to RCDA in a meeting at the Pastoral Center.  After all this apostolate is just a tool for our Bishop to shepherd the people in the Albany Diocese.

   Local counsel is selected base on RCDA recommendation and retained for all legal council outside of FCC work.

April 2007

    FCC announces October 2007 date for filing NCE-FM applications

June 2007

    Certificate of Incorporation of Pax et Bonum, Inc. file with and accepted by New York. Bylaws for Pax et Bonum are established.

August 2007

    Several registrations with the Internal Revenue Service and Federal Communication Commission are completed in preparation for submitting the radio license application.

October 2007

    FCC "open window" commences all NCE-FM applicants must electronically file Form 340 on the FCC Media web page within the Oct. 12-22 period.  Approximately 3,600 applicants across the US including over 200 in New York state applied for a permit.

November 2007

    FCC announces a 60-day period for applicants to file Settlement Agreements (SA).

    Now for a little history, the FCC's prior "open window" took place in the late 1990's.  At that time there were many applicants for the same location and at the same or near by frequency. Two or more applicants in such a situation are called Mutually Exclusive (MX), only one applicant will receive a permit. The FCC did not have a process to determine the winner, so over the next 10 years a process was invented and applied to the MX groups.  This is a difficult time for all.

     This same process was applied to the 2007 open window.  All applications are open to public viewing on the FCC web site.  This means that anyone, especially the anxious  applicants can determine if they are a clear winner or in competition with one or more applicants.  Not only can the public determine who is in competition, but they can determine who will rank best in the FCC process and therefore receive a Construction Permit.  

February 2008

So in early 2008 we did the analysis and determined Pax et Bonum ranked second. . ., but wait, CRA took a close look at number one and found WSKG (public TV and radio in Binghamton, NY) had made an error in their application, in fact Pax et Bonum ranks number one.   Pax et Bonum's FCC counsel commences work on a SA.

June 2008

The FCC has now determined the 2007 open window produced 546 MX groups, Pax et Bonum is listed in #395 with five other applicants.   We knew Pax et Bonum's competition and who wins back in February.     

March 2009

The FCC published a ruling that Pax et Bonum wins MX group 395.

June 2009

The FCC Construction Permit is in the hands of Pax et Bonum. 

We will have a Catholic radio station.

October 2009

Fund raising begins at St. Mary's in Cooperstown. Fr. Rossen bravely permits a pledge talk at the 3 weekend Masses. The people generously respond.  We hope to visit your parish soon.

February 2010

Pax et Bonum secures title to the transmission tower located in Cherry Valley, NY.  

March 2010

St Stanislaus, Amsterdam leases space in the former school for use as the WOPG studio.  We are on the third floor, please visit to see what you are building.


3 November 2010 broadcasting commences

The friendship of the founders, Tom & Laura Threlkeld and Mike & Pat Stefanik grew from the roots of the annual Our Lady of Grace parish family camping week at Pyramid Lake in the Adirondacks, back in the late 1980's.

Pat proposed the St. Francis saying, Pax et Bonum, translated peace and all good for our name. Pax et Bonum, Inc. was incorporated in 2007 as a New York, Type C not-for-profit corporation to apply for a non-commercial educational FM radio license in the October 2007 open window announced by the Federal Communication Commission (FCC). On June 5, 2009 the FCC granted Pax et Bonum a Construction Permit the frequency 89.9 FM.  Listed below are some of the milestones in this two and a half year journey which with your help will become our adventure.

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